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Whether you are interested in addressing issues related to mental health, nutrition, or both, I can help.  As a licensed mental health counselor and certified integrative nutrition health coach, I work in both fields for a truly holistic approach to wellbeing.  To serve all of my clients to suit their needs, I offer either individual mental health counseling, nutrition counseling, or a combination of both.

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Clinical Mental Health Counseling

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For over 25 years, I have had the privilege of helping individuals heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, and issues related to self-esteem.  Using Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) and other clinical modalities, I help individuals rediscover their true selves and unlearn dysfunctional beliefs that are no longer serving them.  Together, we will help you find greater inner peace and freedom.

Whole Foods Plant Based Nutrition Counseling

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Are you sick of dieting only to discover that nothing really changes? I'm here to help you ditch the diets and make a lifestyle change towards whole foods, plant based eating.  As a certified integrative nutrition counselor, I can guide you towards a healthier lifestyle that allows you greater food freedom, improved digestion, balanced hormones, and sustainable, long-term shifts in your overall health.

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Mental Health + Nutrition Counseling

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Holistic wellbeing cannot truly be achieved if we don't incorporate healing from a mind-body perspective. Addressing core mental health issues alongside making nutritional and lifestyle changes allows for a comprehensive treatment that can address the whole system. Nutrition can impact  our mental health in either direction: Good or bad. When your mental health is suffering, so to will your nutritional choices.  We can address both so that you go from surviving to thriving. 

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